The brand

“Astro Vastu Reiki”

has a mission to make people aware about energies and its use for improving standard of living. Its founder Dr. Gita Joshi is having 30 years of experience in the field of astrology, has done her PhD in Astrological Science from Omkareshwar University. Astrology is subject of mathematics as well as intuition. She is a Reiki Grand Master and contributes towards result oriented astrology.

Dr. Gita Joshi has done extensive research in semi-precious stones. She did her PhD on remedies to be given using semi-precious stones. These stone are also used for healing for individuals as well as Vastu Shashtra. After years of practice, she has developed attunement process of crystals which enables to sustain energies within it for quite a long period of time. Dr. Gita Joshi’s students are providing services to humankind by doing Reiki and crystal healing.

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